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Ms. Serena Brown

Hadley Vincent

Monette Well and Pump

Monette, AR

Mr. Levi Banner

Member:  William Breshears

Breshears Pump Co

Wellington, MO

2018 MWWA

The association is awarding Ten $1,000 scholarships this year.  
We are proud to help the youth in our industry reach their educational goals. Congratulations! 

Mr. Aaron Caton

Member:  Susie & Dorris Givens

Givens International

Korydon, KY

  1. CEU’s required will be 6 hours.  This is a change from points to hours and    from requiring 12 points to 6 hours.  1 hour will be considered 50 minutes of instruction.  Further a class lasting 90 minutes with a 10 minute break will receive 1-1/2 hour credit.  A class lasting 2 hours with 2- 10 minute breaks will receive 2 hours credit.  Classes longer than 3 hours will be awarded the maximum 3 hours of credit.
  2. Hours of credit will also be awarded and accepted by the MWWA for the following:
    1. Attendance at a meeting of the Missouri Water Well Installation Board.
    2. Attendance at either a District or the Annual  General Membership meeting of the MWWA Convention.  Attendance at any of these meetings will be awarded 1 hour.  You may receive only 1 hour towards your certification per year in this manner.
  3. Hours of credit will be accepted from any other state that: are based on hours with the general format as the MWWA and the classes are relevant to Missouri water well drilling, pump setting or related fields (safety, first-aid, new technology, and new federal rules – just to name a few).
  4. Hours will be awarded and accepted for classes presented by outside firms or professional organizations as long as the class meets the requirements of #3 above, and is submitted to the Board of Directors of the MWWA prior to attendance of the class.  (The Board of Directors of the MWWA will attempt to hold or facilitate classes throughout the State as time permits so that the permittees have the opportunity to acquire the needed hours for certification).
  5. Class attendance and hours received will be recorded on a universal CEU form similar to that used by the NGWA.  Class attendance will be recorded at the beginning of each class and each attendee will be responsible for having his or her form signed at the end of the class by the instructor or a representative of the MWWA (as instructed at the beginning of each class).  The form will have 3 parts: one copy will be retained by the permittee, one by the MWWA, and one for you to send to whoever you need to.  The MWWA will send the DNR a list of all those who have received the needed 6 hours for certification.

Foster Drilling

  • Gary Foster

Geothermal Experts

  • Tony Guerrant
  • Kyle Guerrant

Goggins Drilling

  • James Klinkhardt

JR Pump Service

  • Errol Choate

N Fennewald Pump Service Inc.

  • Brad Hoyt

Schnell Drilling LLC

  • Shawn Schnell

Wicker Well Drilling

  • Jamie Wicker

Dale Brower Custom Digging & Pump Service

  • Dale Brower

Cantrell Drilling
  • Ray Daugherty

David Schnell Drilling Co.

  • David Schnell

Doc's Pump Service and Well Drilling

  • Doc McClanahan

Drill it Well dba Hewitt Messenger

  • Richard Linebaugh

Foppe Well and Pump

  • Joe Foppe



2018 Certified Contractors

Ms. Brianna Richard

Member: Jon Richard

In Depth Marketing

Ames, Iowa

Winner of the Susie Givens Scholarship Award

Mr. Collin Schnase

Member: Rick Schnase

GeoStarr Marketing

Hastings, NE

Mr. Bradley Richard

Member:  Jon Richard

In Depth Marketing

Ames, Iowa

A & M Pump Co.

  • Lindell Lindsey

Anderson Engineering

  • John Snyder
  • Gary White

Ark-Mo Well Drilling Co., Inc.

  • James Cook Jr.

Boessen Underground

  • Chuck Kiss
  • Randy Rustemeyer
  • Curtis Verdot
  • Chris Williams

Buechting Drilling Co., Inc.

  • Gerald Buechting
  • Jake Buechting

Ms. Kaylynn Dobson

Member:  David Schnell

David Schnell Drilling

Rocheport, MO

Missouri Water Well Association
Scholarship Guidelines

1.    The amount of the scholarship shall be $1,000.00.  And renewable upon re-application for a maximum of 4 years.

2.    A minimum of two (2) scholarships shall be awarded each year.  The maximum number of scholarships awarded shall be determined by the funds available and will be determined on an annual basis by the MWWA Board at the February Meeting in the year preceding the awards process.

3.    To be eligible for the MWWA Scholarship the student applying shall be the son or daughter of a member* of the MWWA.  Then member shall have a member the preceding three (3) years before the application is submitted and in good standing with all dues and fees at the time of the application.  If the Board of Directors of the MWWA determines that monies are available or that too few applications have been submitted, upon approval, grand-children of members meeting all the requirements may be considered.

4.    Students applying shall have a minimum GPA of 2.8 or a minimum score of 18 on the ACT.

5.    Students applying shall have been accepted into an accredited two (2) or four (4) year college before the scholarship is awarded, (actual funds are awarded).  Check to be written to the college, or with prior Board approval and the student having submitted paid invoices for eligible college purchases (books, tuition, student housing) to the student.  Students awarded the MWWA Scholarship are required to carry a minimum of 12 hours per semester.

6.    Scholarship applications shall be submitted to the Business Manager of the MWWA no later than January 1st.   Students may be interviewed by members of the scholarship committee in person or by phone.  Students awarded the MWWA Scholarship will be notified by April 15th .

7.    Award process shall be as follows:
    a.    Application shall be received by Business Manager.
    b.    The Business Manager shall forward all applications to the members of the
           Scholarship Committee.
    c.    Scholarship Committee shall make it’s recommendations to the MWWA Board at the

Annual Meeting for approval and awarding of the scholarships.
** Includes M&S members who meet the requirements as addressed in Section 3.

(To request a MWWA Scholarship Application, please contact the Business Manager.) or use the application above (opens in Adobe Acrobat)

Ms. Riley Hedgpath

Member: Jim Wallace

Wallace Well Drilling

Fulton, MO

Winner of the Jackie Buechting Scholarship Award