President Report

Lindell Lindsey

Hey everyone, my article this time will be a little shorter than normal.

Mostly because it’s due today and I’m tardy with it. Beth had to call me again and that’s never good when Beth has to call. Well I really am tardy on the article and Beth really had to call, but as usual she’s very patient even though she can’t do her job until we do ours. I would probably go berzerk!!!!!!     She is always calm and cool, bless her heart.

I’m tired and impatient myself today so this article will not win any literary awards. I have had every screwed up job in the county for the last two weeks. If I’m not on a waterline leak, it’s a pump that’s fell in a well and there’s two toy trucks three rocks and a 1 ¼” end wrench that they have tied on a string and dropped in on the pump.

I did have a good Father’s Day though. I had a good visit with my 83 year old dad. I’m 54 and he still bosses me around (but that’s ok J).  I  got to see my son who is 29 and he is married and hardly ever comes around, the little t***.  But he is a good man. He’s earning his own way and I’m pretty proud of him.

Well this is probably the least informative news letter article I have ever submitted. I think I just used it for stress relief.

Even though I didn’t talk about any important issues, rest assured all of us at the MWWA are watching out for any important activity that is going on. We are on top of what is going on with the possible dissolution if the Well Installation Board. There is a very important meeting concerning this on July 11th I believe. We will be on it, rest assured.       

Vice President Report

James Q. Cook Jr

Well today is a day I thought I would never see, I signed up for Medicare!  I truly thought that by the time I could sign-up for and possibly draw social security it would be a thing of the past, (Really thought I might not live this long either).  But here I am almost 65, still here and still working. 

It seems like this is a recurring theme in life, we all think that something is not likely to happen or something is not going to last. We wonder who will take our place when we stop working or are gone.  

I am happy to report that in both our company and our Missouri Water Well Association that things are looking up.  Here at Ark-Mo we have had really been blessed.  Over the last two years we have had some great young men come to us looking for work. Almost without exception each one has turned out to have some field of knowledge that has made them very valuable employee. 

It seems that the same is true for the MWWA. We have several young men (younger than me) that have stepped up to take their place on the board.  Here as at Ark-Mo, each individual has shown a talent that ensures the future of the Missouri Water Well Association. 

With young people looking to take the leadership roles and the continued growth of our industry I believe we have a bright future.

Secretary Report
Richard Linebaugh

Start of summer season has been both so busy not able to keep up and twiddling thumbs wishing the phones would ring so you can talk to somebody other than yourself. Residential wells picked up considerably but seems to be leveling out.

Plans for the 2018 Convention are confirmed with another year in Springfield. Should even be better than last year. Be sure and get your tickets for the Big Raffle early.

All should be concerned about the Well Installation Board reasignment / elimination. Review the enclosed report and call and make yourself heard- keep your legislators on the phone for an hour and they will want to help you.

Treasurer’s Report

Shawn Schnell

Hello, everyone.  Thought you might want to know how the accounts look at the MWWA.

MO Water Well Association Operating Account

Balance as of 1/1/2017 - $67,427.43

Balance as of 5/31/2017 - $69,832.90

Total gain = $2,405.47


MWWA Scholarship Account

Balance as of 1/1/2017 - $33,835.29

Balance as of 5/31/2017 - $42,099.49

Total gain = $8,264.20

 I will get the June balances sometime in July after the accounts are balanced. The scholarship account will go down for a while as we issue checks for scholarships throughout the year.  We issued a few checks already since the convention. 

Have a great summer and consider joining the association if you are not already a member.  



District Reports

District 1
Mark Finch

Hello to all,

Well drilling in northwest Missouri is still slow, with a few wells being drilled now and then.  It's amazing how the absence of the 30% tax credit for geo installations has stalled the industry so badly.  One thing is for sure, loop prices didn't, and haven't gone up in many years.  But as soon as the tax credit came available geo units went up accordingly.  Something needs to be done to lower the price of geothermal systems.  Loop prices aren't the problem.

As I see it, drillers have more overhead with equipment and labor costs, and are burdened with dealing with unhappy customers when bad drilling conditions arise.  The mark-up on equipment and installation costs seem to be pretty high.  I admire the fact that a HVAC guy can show up in a van with some tools, and make as much or more profit as a drilling contractor on the job.  That's just smart, but lower your mark up and installation and maybe more jobs will be sold.  I speak for a lot of drillers/loop installers when I say, stop telling us we're too high.

Hey, thanks for your time, and if you have some left over, take a kid fishing!

District 2
Josh Schnell

Hope everyone has been busy.  District2 has been quiet with no calls. 

Everybody should be enjoying the nice weather.  If you have any questions or need information on the MWWA, give me a call.

District 3
Dan Beffa, Jr

Summer is here and the heat is on, hope everyone is busy and try to stay cool out there. The board has decided to return to the oasis resort in springfield for the 2018 convention, we believe this location was a great success. We are also going to do the honda quad fund raiser. If anyone has any ideas for this coming convention please give me a call at 573-280-0703.

District 4
Jim Klinkhardt

Hello everyone.  Things have cooled off some here.  Work is slow but steady.  Not much else is new. 

 We have a great organization.  Think seriously about joining your peers in protecting our industry.  The application to join is in this book.

Have a great Summer.

District 5
Errol Choate

It's summertime! That means it’s time to start being more aware of tick and mosquito bites. Be sure to know and look for the signs of Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus. Both illnesses have headaches, body aches and fever.

 Have a safe and successful summer. See you in the fall.




It’s Summer; time for some fun in the sun.  I know you all work hard but take time for relaxing with family and friends. MWWA is doing fine financially and all the books are in order.  Since the trap shoot has been cancelled, I have less than usual to do this summer.  I’ve got a few trips planned.

We have agreed upon contract terms with Springfield’s Ramada Oasis again for next year’s convention and signed the contract.  Ms for February to attend the Convention.

We’ve issued a few scholarship checks, but I need to hear from the rest of the applicants so we can get their checks to the schools before they start in August.  If you have any questions, give me a call.  (314) 974-6992 (MWWA).  I’ve sold a few water well handbooks and am updating the mailing databases with new fields. 

We are also working hard on contacting the members of a task force created by Gov Greitens’ Executive Order.  The task force is looking at boards and commissions and deciding if they should be eliminated, merged with other commissions, or left the same.  The MWWA does not want the Well Installation Board (WIB) to be eliminated because there will be no industry members to stand up for the drillers/pump installers against DNR when there are permit issues or rulemakings.  We are also concerned that if the WIB is merged with another or with several other commissions, it will eliminate the industry members that we ar now in place on the WIB.  Also, the members of a combined commission or board would know little about drilling, the Well Driller’s Act or what DNR in Rolla does.  Most commissions/boards are representing programs in Jefferson City and know very little about our issues.

See the Article on this Executive order on page 22 . If you know any of the task force members or want to take part in contacting them, I’ve provided the information to do so.  Email, call or write letters to let your views be known.

Thanks, and have a great summer!

MWWA Informer
SUMMER 2017  Newsletter



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