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FALL 2018  Newsletter


President Report

James Q. Cook, Jr.

Not long until fall, and I am ready.  It has been a very long, hot and busy irrigation season for us this year.  Our well count is down but service work is way up.  With the coming of fall, we look forward to a little time off, deer season, and the upcoming MWWA show and convention in February.  We will be in Springfield, MO again this year and look forward to seeing everybody at the show.

At our next board meeting, we will be looking at and for suggestions for seminars.  If you have something you would like to see, let Teri Denney, myself, or any board member know, and we will see if we can get it lined up for a seminar.

I want to thank our past president for coming up with the entertainment last year.  Lindell’s idea will be a hard act to follow.  If you have any ideas for the entertainment, please let someone know.

I hope everyone made it to one of the stakeholder meetings with DNR concerning the rule review and changes they propose.  The meeting in Poplar Bluff that I attended went very well, and because of inputs and ideas from the meeting, some changes were made to some of the rule proposals intent and wording.  I was very pleased with the DNR and their willingness to change some of the new rules.

Vice President Report

Richard Linebaugh

The summer was good, business wise. Slowly seeing the geothermal market come back after the reinstatement of the tax rebate credits. Domestic wells for residential housing is strong in Southwest Missouri.

Looking forward to the second year of the MWWA Show in Springfield. Hoping all are making plans to attend.

Keep trying to recruit new MWWA members this year. Start now and keep nagging them into submission.

Secretary Report
Shawn Schnell

Hello everyone!  I don’t have much to write about from the secretary’s position.  Teri pretty much handles everything I have to report on. 

Drought gods shined again leaving most with more work than can get to.  Cooler weather coming in will be appreciated, not to complain about the heat, knowing winter will be here before you know it. 

Hope everyone’s doing well and as busy as they want.  Hope everyone will plan to come to the convention.  We need everyone’s support.

Treasurer’s Report

Dan Beffa

I would like to say hi to all to all members and thank you for letting me be this year’s treasurer.

I’m looking forward to the 2019 MWWA Convention.  If anyone has any ideas for the Convention, please give me a call at


Hopefully this summer heat will be over soon, and we can work in a little cooler conditions.  This year has proved to me our economy is doing much better; hope everyone can say the same.

 Good luck to all!


District Reports

District 1
Mark Finch

Nothing new to report in Northwest Missouri.  Work has been steady, but not overly busy.  I look for next year to be good.  Time will tell.  Have a great Fall. 

District 2
Josh Schnell

Hello from District 2!  Hope everyone is busy and will enjoy the cooler weather that is coming. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call.

District 3
Jacob Buechting

Hello!  I hope you all had a great summer and are looking forward to cooler weather. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 636-262-0440.

District 4
Jim Klinkhardt

​Happy fall to everyone!  Hopefully, winter will be a little milder.  As I write this, summer is still hanging on.  I am officially an old guy; my parents and in-laws have passed, and I will be celebrating my 45th class reunion.

Please start thinking about attending the convention this winter.  Now, I will get on my SOAPBOX.  There is no place in the construction industry that drugs should be condones or allowed.  Also, drinking and driving should be stopped.  Phones and texting while driving is another No Way.  I know too many people that have lost a child or someone special because of these issues. 

One  more thing…several of my friends and colleagues have helped me out in the past few months, and I would like to thank them; we are all in this together.  Give me a call if I can help you with anything.  Thanks!

District 5
Errol Choate

Hello from District 5!

This summer, my family and I went to the South Atlantic Jubilee in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We gathered many ideas for the

show, and I look forward to sharing them with everyone.  The summer has been very dry for all of us down here; we are starting to get rain.  I hope everything is going well for everyone; have a good fall, and I’ll see you in February.


Hello, everyone!  I hope you all have had a great summer!  I do enjoy the summer months, but fall is my most favorite season!  I am so ready for cooler weather, the leaves turning colors, and sitting around the fire making smores.

It’s hard to believe that plans are already being finalized for next year’s convention.  We have signed a two-year contract with the
Ramada Oasis Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield.  They are very excited to have us back and are so wonderful to work

I am also working on securing speakers for the convention classes.  If you are interested in speaking, or know of anyone who would be an option, please contact me.  We also need ideas for this year’s entertainment.  The micro-wrestling will be a tough act to follow.  If you have suggestions, please let me know.  You can reach me at (314) 974-6992 (MWWA). 

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship winners!  I am happy to report that every one of the recipients have provided the required information needed to claim their scholarship money.  As of August, the checks have been awarded to the winners.  To be eligible for next year’s scholarship, the application must be received before January 1, 2019.  (Please refer to the Missouri Water Well Association Scholarship Guidelines on pages 9-10 of this newsletter for specific details.)

As always, I love hearing from you all and appreciate all you do for the organization.  Please let me know if you need anything.