President Report

Lindell Lindsey

I hope everyone has been busy. We sure have!!! I’m ready for the convention so maybe we can get some rest. I hope everybody shows up this year. We’re going to have some special entertainment this year. I think everyone will enjoy it. It will definitely be different. Please try to attend. This will be my last year as an active board member with the M.W.W.A. I would like this next convention to be one of our best. Check the schedule when it is available for Tuesday night. Please attend the show we are arranging to have. Be on time and don’t miss it.

We haven’t had a lot of movement since our last news letter. I attended the last meeting in Jefferson City at the Capitol concerning the dissolution of certain boards namely the Well Installation Board. I talked with a couple of the task force about the WIB and felt a little encouraged afterward. But all we can do is try to influence them and we have done so with phone calls, letters, e-mails, and personal contact. I hope we have done some good. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait because ultimately it will be the Governors decision.

This is not my last article before Feb. but I want to say thanks for the opportunity to serve in the Missouri Water Well Association. I’ve been involved on the board in all positions. That’s a total of 13 years. Over these thirteen years I have sat in a lot of meetings and worked on a lot of agenda items from convention matters to Senate and House bills. I have had the privilege of watching our scholarship program grow to what it is today. We have awarded a tremendous amount of money to our children since this program started. I’m proud of everybody who has contributed to the fund. By the way it is stronger than ever right now. It has been an honor to serve on this board with everyone who was ahead of my terms and all who is still on the board behind me. I wish I had room to name everyone. I just want our members to know that the group of people I’m talking about people who have donated their time and money to be the watchdogs over our association and even our industry. Their efforts have protected the lively hood of members and non-members alike. So if you’re a member please continue to do so and if you’re not you really ought to consider joining. Again, these people donate their time. Your membership fees stay in the Association. Our accounting is open to the general membership so you can see what the funds a being used for.

Again, I want to say to all the folks I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the M.W.W.A. both past and present. Thank you all.   

Vice President Report

James Q. Cook Jr

When I realized that today was September 11, I remembered where I was 16 years ago today.  I was in this very office watching the events unfold in New York City as the twin towers were being attacked.   It is hard to describe the way I feel when I think of all the lives that were lost and the terrible destruction that was caused by those attacks.          

But then I think of the response of the American people after this tragedy and the way we as a nation came together. I felt like we were stronger and in a lot of ways closer to God.

As for the MWWA, we are set for another convention in Springfield, MO this year.  We hope that the word got out to everyone that Springfield was a great success and more contractors will want to come.  I know I look forward to going.  The MWWA will be doing the scholarship raffle again this year and tickets will be available before the convention. 

If anyone knows of a senior that needs to apply for the scholarship encourage them to apply. These students are our future.

Secretary Report
Richard Linebaugh

A busy summer-one minute too much work -the next minute scrounging,

It was good to get the convention set for February. It should be great having the wonders of wildlife Museum for everyone to go to in Springfield. The Convention will be great.

Treasurer’s Report

Shawn Schnell

Hello everyone.  I hope everybody's doing well in life and in business.

Beth is probably ready to choke me because I didn’t get her my article on time.

At the August meeting, we discussed the convention location, schedule, and entertainment.

We decided to keep the location in Springfield and entertainment to be micro wrestling!!

At that time, the balance for the scholarship account was $38,260.01 with a couple more scholarships to be sent out.  The regular operating account balance was $67,795.95  in regular account .

We also voted to raffle another4 wheeler and a generator!!!  With the greatly appreciated support from M&S and all our great members this should be a fun time! Please do your part by encouraging others to join the membership.  We're all in this together; friends and competitors.

Thanks 573-239-3830


District Reports

District 1
Mark Finch

Things remain slow in Northwest Missouri.  There is not much to report up here, except for great weather.  Work remains slow, but we are optimistic for the upcoming year.

I hope good fortune for everyone and be safe

District 2
Josh Schnell

The weather has been beautiful!  Hope everyone has work and gets to enjoy the nice fall temperatures.  District 2 has been quiet with no calls.

I’m hoping to see a big turnout for this year’s convention and as always, if anyone has any questions, give me a call.

District 3
Dan Beffa, Jr

Fall is here again and I hope everyone had a busy summer. District # 3 is quiet no new news.  The convention will be here before we know it. If anyone has any ideas or requests for this year please call me at 563-280-0703 or 573-346-6047.

District 4
Jim Klinkhardt

No Report

District 5
Errol Choate

Happy Autumn! Summer has come to an end and that means this: it’s time to start preparing for fall driving. I know that one of the biggest factors here in Southwest Missouri is deer and fog.  Early morning and evening are prime time to keep an eye out.  Definitely be sure to watch out for deer as they can cause accidents and injuries if they hit your trucks. Have a safe and successful fall.



I have very mixed feelings about this report.  It will be my last official report in the newsletter.  I’ve been working with and for the drilling and pump installation industry for over 20 years of my 30 plus years of working.  I’ve known many of you since you were just starting out in the industry.  I’ve really enjoyed working for the Association way more than all the time I put into working for the state.

I promised the Association I would find a good replacement when I decided to leave.  I think I’ve done that.  My daughter will be replacing me.  She has all the right experience, education and talent for this job.  She met many of you at the convention last year when she came to help me out at the desk.  She really liked the people she met and kept remarking how amazing it was to work with people who really cared about the Association and their members.  She’s never worked in enforcement, so she is a lot nicer than I am too. 

I’m ready to be just retired now and the timing is perfect as she is ready to take this on.  I plan to be at the convention in February to help her this time.  So, I hope to see you all there to say good bye.  This convention is really going to be the best yet.  Another raffle, new entertainment and a change in format. 

What am I going to do next?  Well, I plan to relax, travel and pursue hobbies I’ve neglected for too long.  I also want to spend more time with family.  I’ve got too many grandkids and great grandkids to count now.  I do plan to try to keep my hand in the mix a little by applying to be on the Well Installation Board at DNR to just stay in the water business a little.  Since I’ve both regulated and worked for the industry, I think that combination would be good for someone on that board.  I don’t know if the Governor or whoever picks those people will agree and choose me but I’m going to give it a try. 

Good bye and hope to see you in February!!!

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